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Affiliate Marketing in 7 Steps Series (4/7): Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Formulating and describing your USP (a.k.a. What makes your stand out from the crowd as an affiliate marketer).

In earlier posts, I had told you that we will be discussing a technique that will greatly help you compete against thousands of affiliates promoting the same product.

We will be tackling that right now.

Think about this this… Why should people buy from you instead of buying from others who are promoting the same product?

Surely, your offer must have something special, something unique, something fabulous that will separate it from the rest.

This distinguishing factor is what we call the unique selling proposition or USP.

The USP, plain and simple, is one of the so-called secrets of Internet marketing millionaires.  Somehow, they have formulated a unique selling proposition that made the members of their target market take notice and compelled them to buy from them.

So I’ll dare say this… Your affiliate marketing success will greatly depend on the potency of the USP you will be able to come up with.

The USP states that you should be able to personalize an offer to make it better than the rest.  Hence, you may be selling the same product to the same market, but if you can add something that will make your offer better, you’d naturally stand out among your competitors.  

People will notice you more and they will buy from you instead of buying from others.

In short… the USP is tantamount to putting your own twist into things.

Take for example an affiliate program offering an eBook on wedding speeches.  There are 1,000 affiliates promoting it, with you being one of them.  The eBook sells for $50, and commission is pegged at 50%, or $25 per sale.

Now, how can you successfully make people click on your affiliate link instead of other’s links?

Add something that will make your offer more valuable.

There are countless, countless ways by which you can accomplish this.  The limit is really your imagination.  Let those creative juices flow and see for yourself how far this tactic can take you.

One of the most popular USP applications is the act of adding bonuses to the offer.  If you have other products that you would like to give away to people who order through your affiliate link, then announce it immediately.

This will add to the value of your offer.  When compared with the bare offers of other affiliates, yours will truly shine.

People will order from you.

People will thank you for putting up a wonderful package.

And people will trust you enough to order from you again.

There are many sources for the bonuses you can include. 

Let’s take a look at some of them:
  • Products which you have created yourself.
  • Products which you have caused the creation of.  These are products you have asked a freelancer to create, and all the rights of which have accrued to you upon completion of the transaction.
  • Products which you acquired with their master resale rights or private label rights.  Knowing the different kinds of rights is a must in doing online business.
  • Joint ventures.  Others may already have fantastic products which will perfectly complement your offer.  You can enter a partnership with them. 
In all cases you can refer to places like or to get products for this purpose. JVZoo is great for Internet Marketing products while Clickbank also covers Internet Marketing products they also have a BIG collection of products in many niches.

Want more ideas?

Okay, so let’s say you’re in a mall, and you’re looking for some new clothes to wear.  One shop’s offering a nice pair of pants for $100.  Another shop is offering the same pair at a highly discounted rate of $90.

What shop will you choose? - You’d naturally buy from the one which is offering a big discount, right?

The same goes in affiliate marketing.  If you can offer the products you are pre-selling at a lower price, then you’d be able to win over more prospects.

Wait.  I know what you’re thinking…

“But they’re not my products.  I don’t set the price.  How can I offer discounts?”

Indeed, the price for the products you will pre-sell are more or less fixed by the affiliate merchants, but this shouldn’t mean that you cannot offer discounts for them.

Where will the discounts come from? - From your prospective commissions, of course.

Suppose an eBook is being sold for $50, with the commission rate pegged at 50%, or $25 per sale.  You can offer the same eBook for $40 and take away the $10 from the commission that will eventually be counted in your account.

Quite a number of affiliate merchants recognize this tactic, and they are willing to enter into a special arrangement with you.

If not, you can always offer a cash rebate to the people who order through your link.  You can promise them a certain percentage of the money back once you receive your commission from the affiliate merchant.

Yet another derivative of this tactic is offering discounts for future purchases.  By that time, you will have received your commissions which shall answer the discounts you will offer.

Yes, this technique will cut down on your profit.

But with the competitive nature of this field, it is an essential sacrifice.  One step backwards, two steps forward, so they say.  The rewards you will gain will make such a sacrifice very much worth it.

What we have enumerated above are just some of the more popular and potent USP implementations today.  They are tried and tested tactics that are being employed by the top affiliates of today.

But you are not limited to them only.

You can come up with a USP of your own.

You can emphasize the word “Unique” in Unique Selling Proposition.

You can exploit the use of and to invest in products to add to your offer.

You can add your OWN personal touch on your offers to make them totally different and totally special. You can create a logo to brand your pages and offers, even certain type of font and colors can make you stand out from the affiliate crowd. 

Only then you’d be able to capture the interest of the members of your market, and such is the start of a fruitful affiliate marketing campaign for you.

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