Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Affiliate Marketing in 7 Steps Series (7/7): Your Email Marketing System

Ok, for our final step, let us present a fact that every affiliate marketer should know…

On the average, it takes 7 to 12 contacts with a prospect before he will decide to purchase what you are offering.

What does this mean? – Well, if you manage to refer a person to the affiliate merchant’s sales page the first time around, chances are, he won’t buy whatever it is that’s being offered.  As a result, you won’t win any commission.

Imagine, it will take 7-12 tries, before he will decide to make a purchase. The question, then, is this: How can you ensure that you will be able to contact your prospects those 7 to 12 times?

The answer: e-Mail Marketing

An email marketing system is also called a follow-up system because it enables you to “follow up” on your leads.  Veteran Internet marketers use a follow-up system to capture the contact details of their visitors so that they can somehow convince them to visit their websites again at a future time.  A follow-up system performs 2 basic functions:
  1. It captures the email addresses of visitors and
  2. Collects them in a backend database for a mailing them later.  
This is what is commonly regarded within the Internet marketing community as “List Building”. List building has been around long before the Internet. Door-to-door salesmen used this method since the 1950s to sell all kinds of products.

In the Internet world, the heart and soul of every follow-up system is an excellent autoresponder service.  An autoresponder service allows you to prepare your messages beforehand and deliver them according to the schedule you will set.  Additionally, an autoresponder service will also allow you to personalize your messages, well, automatically. 

Your recipients would be referred to by their given names, and in certain occasions, the autoresponder would even greet them on their birthdays.  These, added to the act that an autoresponder service would take care of the subscriptions on auto-pilot, makes it an crucial and essential investment for every online business.

But not all autoresponders are built alike.  Some are simply better than others.  Without getting technical here and to save time, let’s narrow down to 2 services out there used widely by Internet Marketers, both these services are high-end quality. Aweber and GetResponse. Get one of those and ignore everything else. Trust me on this.

Once they have subscribed to your mailing list, you can start sending them emails with offers of your products.  You can even inform them of updates to your website so that they may decide to check it out. 

How does it work in actual practice?

You will be leading prospects to your website.  Your website should have a capture device where your visitors can leave their email addresses.  Their email addresses will thereafter be stored in your autoresponder, and the email marketing system will take care of the rest.

The challenge lies in how you can make them leave their email addresses.

Once you have set up your autoresponder to handle your mailing list, you just have to come up with interesting offers to encourage your visitors to sign up for your list.  This can be done in a variety of exciting ways:

  • You can offer free gifts to entice your visitors to subscribe to your list.
  • You can offer to deliver a newsletter containing information about the subject they’re interested in.
  • You can conduct a contest, with their subscriptions as their raffle entries.
  • You can offer access to other meatier portions of your website in exchange for their subscription.
  • You can offer them discounts on your products if they’d join your mailing list.

So, there you have it. This has been the Affiliate Marketing in 7 Steps Series. The concepts explained in these 7 articles we’ve presented; continue to work and bring in money for many affiliate marketers out there.

If you missed the previous steps or want to start over, you can go back to STEP 1 and review the information again.

However, if you are ready and want to take it to next level and start your Affiliate Marketing business, there is an online course that is indeed exceptional, it puts together all the steps we have discussed and provides the training and tools necessary to get started successfully in 2018. It is video based (although there are PDF guides and audios as well), so you see in front of your eyes exactly what to do.

The thing is... and you probably have guessed this by now. There is no real secret to making money online. By "secret" meaning some super-hidden-ninja technique. Quite simply, you just need a proven plan and system to follow - and of course be willing to take massive action to see it through.

The problem comes in when there are plenty of 'systems' floating the marketplace by so-called 'experts' and they are usually teaching the same old regurgitated stuff that used to work back in 2012, most of this stuff is out of date so it's doom to fail from the beginning.

Tony Marriott, the developer of this course found out just how quickly systems can go out of date when his affiliate business was nearly wrecked by SEO changes and rising traffic costs.

But, he rebuilt his affiliate system from the ground up and now makes even more money than before and he explains exactly how his system works in his latest guide called The Next Generation Affiliate. Brand New Course teaching modern Affiliate Marketing for 2018.

It's about time for you to start making some real money online with Affiliate Marketing, simply implement what Tony teaches. He has been working full time online for over 9 years, so he really knows what he is talking about.

>>> Continue to the Next Generation Affiliate.

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